Top 5 Cities For Entrepreneurs In The USA

Top Cities For Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs understand the importance of choosing the right city to start up in. Each city offers different resources such as access to talent, networking opportunities, access to finance, cost-effectiveness, etc. Here are the best 5 cities for entrepreneurs on our list.


With a strong concentration of prestigious computer science and engineering universities such as Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta, this city provides a flourishing technology culture. Its cost of living is also 7% below the national average. This makes it the fifth-best start-up city in the USA, on our list.

San Diego

With over 24 incubators and accelerator programs, San Diego offers great locational advantages for start-ups. Additionally, home to the University of California, San Diego, this city acts as a pipeline for exceptional talent and is an exceptional hub for innovation.

New York City

With 3-year revenue growth of 197%, New York City has been the home to many unicorns such as WeWork and Warby Parker (Source – New York City also offers instant access to multiple investment companies and is the perfect custom engagement site for tech start-ups.


Start-ups in Austin grew faster than those in any other city, at a tremendous 89$ per annum – making it an entrepreneurial haven. With close proximity to digital giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, start-ups here have the unique opportunity to collaborate with these firms as well as the rising start-ups around them.

San Francisco

If you can afford the expensive rent, San Francisco is universally infamous for its start-up ecosystem. Known for launching unicorns such as Airbnb, Stripe, and Uber, this city offers limitless opportunities for those who can hustle hard enough to get them.

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