Meet Everyone Apart Of The Nelk Boys

Nelk boys

The Nelk Boys are social media influencers and YouTube personalities from Canada.

The group includes Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Stevewilldoit, Salim The Dream, and Jason Erne.

NELK’s videos and pranks are themed around North American school culture. The group’s videos combined, usually consists of pranks, a lot of drinking and celebrating.

They rose to fame and became famous for recording prank videos and stunts. Their YouTube channel as of now has 5.79 million subscribers since it was launched in 2010. Lately, they’ve been dropping new videos each Monday which highlight pranks clips in public areas. According to, the Nelk Boys’ estimated total assets as of September 2020 is $1.8 million.

Now let us look into each of the boys.

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard, born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. A member from the prank channel Nelk who upload videos with Jesse Sebastiani.

Their most popular video became “Coke Prank on Cops” and the channel has gained more than 5 million subscribers.

Before Kyle got famous, he and twins Niko and Marko Martinovic made the channel NelkFilmz in July of 2010, and began their channel off with two videos called “What The **** Moments – The Business Meeting” and “What The **** Moments – THE SHOWER.”

The threesome was acknowledged to be a part of the second season of Internet Icon in Los Angeles.

Jesse Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani, born in Orangeville Ontario, Canada, and later moved to Los Angeles, California. Known for his independently published documentary, Saved by the Status, and his part in the MTV show Careless Teens before he joined NELK. He joined the YouTube bunch in October of 2014. Jesse was also included in the MTV unscripted TV drama Losing It.

A long time subsequent to joining the group, he communicated his disappointment with his and the group’s way of life.


Steve Deleonardis aka Stephen Deleonardis, born August 26, 1998, famously known as SteveWillDoIt, is an American YouTuber and performer known for his outrageous challenge videos. On top of his independent career, Deleonardis is a member of Nelk entertainment.

Steve is a comedic character and video maker on YouTube who constructed a fan base for himself with his stunts that regularly included drinking and eating anything. He is likewise a comedian and is regularly working together with the folks from Nelk.

His stevewilldoit Instagram account has outperformed 1.7 million followers. He was once accused of ownership of Maryjane and driving while permit suspended.

Salim The Dream

Instagram popular prankster and social media influencer from Somalia, Salim The Dream, rose to fame and popularity as a member of the NELK collective. His prominence on the stage prompted him more than 1.8 million followers on the platform.

Salim has been a part of many popular videos like, He pranked individuals in a public library in a video posted in mid-2018 that went viral and gained many views and followers.

He impersonated a traffic light official and passed out fake parking tickets.

Jason Erne

Erne in some cases shows up in the sensational YouTube group’s videos holding a phone. His “informal” role, he manages the social media of the brand. The Nelk’s young men and Worldstar share something in common. Besides the group’s founders, there is an additional brain that helps them in driving views and fans.

He films and transfers content to their Instagram page. He will always have his phone out to record whatever the brand does, on the off chance that you see the Nelk Boy’s Instagram Stories you’ll perceive how the videos on there match to certain scenes where you can see Jason with his phone out, further proving that he films and uploads the content.

As YouTube sensational creators, NELK’s content is commonly uploaded to the group’s self-named YouTube channel. In any case, because of the bold ideas behind their content, almost all of their videos have been demonetized and age-limited by YouTube. A few of their videos have additionally been taken out totally for violation of YouTube’s terms of utilization.

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