5 Ways Your Business Can Keep Up With Technology Trends

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How can we keep up to date with developments in technology, let alone test the pulse of potential technologies, when we’re busy running our business? 

From fintech to martech, legaltech to HRtech — and let’s not ignore the tech stack — alies of our company will gain from emerging technology but I find it more difficult than ever to keep up with trends. 

I sometimes think, like most of you, about a modern technology only when the need arises. Operating our company and solving the new problems that COVID-19 has generated, we have much less time to find a solution to a issue that we have not yet encountered.

1. Listen to Others. 

Even saying I work in martech as a marketer is a reference to how technology has redefined not only our story but our whole planet. 

Today’s marketer is also on the cutting edge of technology changes — from robotics to conversion rates — and the first I know about a new phenomenon can be informal conversations with my colleagues. 

While tech stack typically refers to the collection of technologies that a company uses to create software / apps, marketing tech stack is becoming a general word, and patterns are born where new technology is located.

2. Attend virtual conferences and webcasts.

Today is not the same as yesterday — or for ever. I get thousands of invites each day to join webcasts funded by technology firms. 

They are eager to remain top of mind, exchanging knowledge not just about their product ranges, but how such products, strategies and businesses can solve my market challenges in this unparalleled moment. 

Webcasts and interactive conferences aren’t new. What’s different is the extent to which they have become easily available to everyone.

3. Follow blogs and social media.

There are experts in every industry who live and breathe their vertical technologies. Following those gurus’ blog posts or social media pages is one way I identify with developments in technology. 

The pundits industry is heavily crowded by all of those in communications. Marketing experts like Seth Godin, Neil Patel and Ginny Marvin are publishing material as easily as I can print it out. 

While I might be from a smaller audience, the written word still appeals to me, and reading blogs and social media is part of my regular routine as well. They not only help me look for technical developments, but I also enjoy perusing posts and following links to related news.

4. Engage in podcasts and video content.

Podcasts and videos are not only a valuable source of information; they also allow me to detach and concentrate on a particular subject from a busy environment. 

My earbuds are a way of canceling the noise of a crowded airport lobby and allowing constructive use of the moment. 

Regardless of the business, listen in to a podcast in your industry to keep ahead of the latest trends.

5. Eavesdrop on the interns; listen to your elders.

Let us teach us a thing or two about the younger generations. The vast majority of Gen Z and millennials, the age classes most commonly seen in internship jobs, own a smartphone and almost 100% have internet access. 

These generations were born with technology, and so inevitably follows the exploration and acceptance of emerging developments. 

If I want to get a preview of trends before they’re phenomena, I (figuratively) look over one of your interns’ shoulders to see as they use the technologies we’re providing.

Clearly this generation is not only interested in the developments of technology, but is also building them. Invite these senior team members to open talks, then listen attentively. Don’t be afraid to get to know them. Some day, it’s going to be you in the room as the oldest person.

Staying up to date with technology trends is crucial when running a business.

The Business Blurb Staff
The Business Blurb Staff

The editorial team for Business Blurb.